Over 200 members belonging to Dignity Foundation, an NGO helping senior citizens live a life of dignity, took a pledge to spread the message of Road & Tyre Safety. Senior citizens from Delhi NCR region assembled  at Bipin Chandra Pal Auditorium New Delhi showed their commitment by holding placards on tyre/ road safety and enlisting themselves as ambassadors of road and tyre safety.

Road Safety is an important concern and tyres play a vital role in overall road safety. After all,  tyres bear the entire weight of the vehicle and are the only contact points with the road. Tyre Industry represented by Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) has endeavoured to connect with different constituencies for spreading awareness on Tyre Care & Road Safety  including Universities, Corporates, School children and direct outreach to motorists on the roads.

“The movement for road safety needs to be escalated for perceptible drop in road mishaps so as to bring down the number of causalities. We are targetting age groups from 8 to 80 for spreading awareness on Tyre care & safety. Having started school connect program for sensitizing children on road safety , we have reached out to Dignity Foundation, urging elderly in the society to be ambassadors for tyre safety. Elderly wield significant influence on youngsters and, we do hope, their message will  go a long way in sensitizing people on safety”, said Mr Rajiv Budhraja, Director General, ATMA.

“We are happy to associate with a worthy cause of Tyre care & road safety. What better mission than to spread the message of safety in the society and build a safer, happier India”, said Mr Vijay Pahwa, Gurugram Advisory Council of Dignity Foundation and Governing Council member of Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC), India’s rubber sector skill council which is skilling up tyre mechanics for making roads safer.

Having held awareness drives at different campuses of Honda Cars, Infosys, Indian Oil Corporation and Pipapav Port etc, the Rs 60000 crore Tyre Industry in India has launched a drive to reach out to motorists by engaging them creatively through quizzes, interactive sessions etc and sensitizing them about the important aspect of Tyre Care & Safety.

ATMA is a group of to 11 large tyre companies accounting for over 95% share in production in India. ATMA members which have been participating in Tyre Safety campaigns include Apollo Tyres, Birla Tyres, Bridgestone India, CEAT, Continental India, Goodyear India, JK Tyre & Industries, Michelin, MRF, TVS Tyres and Yokohama.