Tyre & Split Rim Safety Program at Pipavav Port

A 2-day intense Tyre & Split Rim Safety training drive was held at Pipavav Port, Gujarat primarily for supervisors and work personnel associated with tyres and the operation of vehicles. Day 1 was devoted to knowledge dissemination on topics such as Classification of tyres, Components of a tyres, Types of Construction of  tyres, Tyre & Rim Assembly, Markings on a Tyre, Tube Type and Tubeless Type, Inflation Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, Timely Repairs, Tyre Removals, Factors Optimising tyre Life, Tyre Maintenance and disposal of Tyres

At the end of Day 1 trainees were divided into 4 groups and they built the SOP’s around demounting and mounting of tyres with a special focus on SPLIT RIMS. On Day 2 the revision of the Day 1 was done and along with the concepts practical sessions of Tyre Mounting and Demounting were done for a 3 piece rim assembly. Later in the day a demonstration of 2 piece rim demounting was demonstrated. The day ended with a feedback and post training test.