Tyre Industry & Infosys join hands for tyre related road safety

Leading tyre manufacturers under the aegis of Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) came together to carry out a comprehensive Tyre Care & Road Safety campaign at Infosys Chennai campus. The sprawling parking of Infosys Chennai campus was abuzz with service engineers from tyre companies inspecting the tyres of around 450 cars and sensitizing motorists at the leading software company, about the tyre-related safety aspects. Indian Tyre Technical Advisory Committee (ITTAC) consisting of country’s leading technical experts played a vital role in successful execution of the tyre safety drive.

Tyre companies which participated at the Infosys Chennai drive included Apollo Tyres, Birla, Bridgestone, Ceat, Continental, Goodyear, JK Tyre, Michelin, MRF, Yokohama and TVS.
“The role of well-maintained tyres in overall road safety is crucial. After all, tyres are the only point of contact with the road. However, attitude towards tyres still leave a lot to be desired. We congratulate the Infosys management for coming forward to make road journeys safer through an awareness drive on maintenance of tyres”, said Mr. K M Mammen, Chairman ATMA.

“Safety and security of our employees has always been of prime importance to Infosys. As part of their internal safety awareness campaign, Infosys collaborated with ATMA to run this safety initiative under the aegis of HALE (Health Assessment and Lifestyle Enrichment), to ensure that the employees are aware of the safety measures related to tyres”, said a spokesperson of Infosys.

According to ATMA, a well maintained tyre is a life saver on the roads. A large number of accidents can be prevented if simple steps are taken to maintain tyres. A tyre carries more than 50 times its own weight while its point of contact with the road is just the size of a postcard.

The campaign titled “There is a lot riding on your tyres”, also included an interactive session with Infosys employees where best practices for tyre maintenance were discussed.
Talking about the significance of tyres on the roads Mr. SS Gusain, project coordinator for tyre safety drive said, “There are several benefits of well-maintained tyres including efficient braking, good ride and handling and fuel economy. Worn out tyres are a big safety hazard. The Tyre Care & Safety campaign will bring about the desired awareness on tyre care and maintenance”