Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA), premier industry body of 11 large tyre companies, connected with motorists on Independence day through a specially designed campaign #FreedomFromWornoutTyres. ATMA ambassadors reached out to people urging them to take a decisive step towards road safety by getting rid of worn-out tyres which are a safety hazard.

“We have been spreading the message of Tyre Safety through our campaigns. The Independence Day fervor celebrating freedom provided an effective backdrop to spread the message of freedom from worn out tyres”, said Rajiv Budhraja, Director General, ATMA.

Tread is the part of the tyre that comes in direct contact with the road and plays a vital role in safety. According to ATMA, the legal minimum tread depth in case of passenger car tyres is 1.6 mm. Worn out tyres require longer distance to stop which could lead to accidents. Particularly during rains, worn out tyres adversely affect handling and increase the risk of skidding.

Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) are provided in every tyre and tyres should be replaced when the tread is worn to the level of TWI.

On the occasion, specially designed gauges to measure the safe tread depth were distributed along with booklets on overall tyre safety.

ATMA ambassadors engaged with the motorists at public places including markets and parking lots etc drawing attention to the importance of good tread depth.

Service engineers from ATMA member companies have been holding tyre safety clinics throughout the country. ATMA members which have been participating in Tyre Safety campaigns include Apollo Tyres, Birla Tyres, Bridgestone India, CEAT, Continental India, Goodyear India, JK Tyre & Industries, Michelin, MRF, TVS Tyres and Yokohama.