ATMA-ITTAC Tyre Fitters Re-skilling & Training Programme

In recognition of the critical role played by commercial tyre mechanics in tyre repair, mounting/demounting of tyres and thereby safety on the highways, Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) the premier tyre industry body has launched a campaign to train and re-skill the commercial tyre mechanics known as tyre fitters. Indian Tyre Technical Advisory Committee (ITTAC), the technical wing of ATMA is taking the lead in the re-skilling project.

The first ATMA-ITTAC Tyre Fitters Training & Re-skilling programme was organized in North Delhi near Truckers’ hub at Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar. Over 40 tyre fitters participated in the first such re-skilling programme and benefited from the same.

“Tyre Fitters’ role is an important one. A tyre fitter not only repairs a tyre but also advises the transporter/ trucker about the condition of the tyre, good tyre upkeep, precautions that need to be taken for improving the life of a tyre etc. Unfortunately, there is no structured training available to the tyre fitters so far. ATMA’s move is to bridge this gap with technical experts engaging the tyre fitters in an intimate setting, and importantly, in a language understood by them”, said Mr Satish Sharma, Chairman ATMA.

During the training, tyre fitters were given an in-depth understanding of commercial tyre and its components, best practices for upkeep of tyres, different tyre faults, their causes and the remedial measures. Subsequent to the training programme, the tyre fitters were certified and certificates of training were handed over.

“Certification holds much aspirational value for tyre mechanics who generally lack any formal qualification. Certification is also aligned with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) scheme of Government of India with a view to instill confidence amongst tyre mechanics’ community”, added Mr Sharma.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vijay Sethi the master trainer said, “Tyre mounting and de-mounting is a skillful job that needs to be mastered. Poor mounting and de-mounting can even lead to tyre failure.  Moreover truckers rely on tyre fitters for checking condition of tyres, thus making their role vital”

ATMA-ITTAC Tyre Fitters Re-skilling Program was kicked off with Ms Jyotsna Aswal, Co-Convener ATMA Skilling Group honouring India’s only known lady tyre fitter Shanti Devi who also underwent the day-long tyre training programme along with her male counterparts.